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The Shore Hunter

Shore Hunter BIG HOOK Loop Rig ** 5 RIG PACK **

Shore Hunter BIG HOOK Loop Rig ** 5 RIG PACK **

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Shore Hunter Loop Rig

** 5 Pack **

The Portsmouth or Loop Rig is designed to fish baits at distance. This is achieved by positioning the baits reasonably close to the back of the lead which reduces drag.

The secret to this rig is the use of a cascade swivel part way along the lower hook length/snood. This is what clips the top hook down.

Then the use of an SRT spring on the rig body below the top hook length/snood also keeps everything nice and tight, removing the risk of problems caused by hook length/snood stretch.

After casting, the bottom hook length fishes hard on the sea bed. This makes it ideal for when there is the chance of a ray or flatfish.

Breakaway IMP, 70lb rig body, 30 - 60lb snood dependant on hook size, 195lb power swivels, stainless steel cascade swivel, Stainless SRT Spring, Super Strong Aberdeen hooks.

These rigs are perfect for any beach in the UK.

These rigs are perfect.

All 5 rigs are packed into a single bag in order to reduce packaging waste. Once the rigs are all used the bag can then be recycled for holding other items.

All Shore Hunter rigs are to a very high standard, using only high-quality materials sourced from UK Warehouses. 

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