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The Shore Hunter

Bristol Channel Rig (Gemini Splashdown) ** 5 RIG PACK **

Bristol Channel Rig (Gemini Splashdown) ** 5 RIG PACK **

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** 5 pack ** Size 4/0 J hook and 5/0 circle hook.

The pulley pennel rigs is a 2 hook pennel arrangement. This allows large baits to be fished without reducing the chance of a hooking the fish. The second pulley hook also has Tronixpro shrink tube on the shank of the hook to enable easy movement and placement of the hook within the bait.

The rig is attached to the Shockleader with a Tronixpro large Pulley bead.The pulley system lifts the lead out of the way of tackle grabbing rocks and weed when retrieving a fish. The Gemini Splashdown Bait Clip allows the bait to be clipped behind the lead weight, streamlining and increasing casting distance. It is an excellent rig for big ray, cod or conger eels and smooth hounds.

These rigs are perfect for the Mighty Bristol Channel.

All 5 rigs are packed into a single bag in order to reduce packaging waste. Once the rigs are all used the bag can then be recycled for holding other items.

All Shore Hunter rigs are to a very high standard, using only high-quality materials sourced from UK Warehouses. 

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