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The Shore Hunter

Gemini Splashdown Solo - Plaice/Flattie Wishbone Rigs ** 5 RIG PACK **

Gemini Splashdown Solo - Plaice/Flattie Wishbone Rigs ** 5 RIG PACK **

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The wishbone rig is ideal for targeting plaice and other flatfish.

The two-hook set-up allows for the use of two baits to be presented, doubling your chances of a bite, or two different baits can be used when bites become scarce.
The beads on the snoods provide extra attraction in addition to the two baited hooks.
The ability to clip two baited hooks behind a Gemini Splashdown Solo Clip ensures that your bait reaches your target in pristine condition, and that the rig creates minimum drag for maximum casting range.

• Main Rig Body tied with Asso Ultra Flex 80lb line
• Snood tied with 60lb Asso Classic Line and 20lb -30lb Asso Oblivion for the wishbone hook lengths, dependant on hook size
• The rig is attached to the Shockleader with a Tronixpro large Pulley bead. Perfect for distance fishing the Mighty Chesil Beach
• High quality chemically sharpened Super Strong Aberdeen hooks
• Hooks size 4, 2, 1 and 1/0 (select from the drop-down menu)
**Note*** 2 size 1/0 Aberdeen hooks together is realistically the largest size hooks plus bait that will fit in the Splashdown clip **

If you wish to have all your wishbones one specific colour pattern (i.e. Green/Black Beads only), please leave a note when you order.

All 5 rigs are packed into a single bag in order to reduce packaging waste.

Once the rigs are all used the bag can then be recycled for holding other items.

All Shore Hunter rigs are to a very high standard, using only high-quality materials sourced from UK Warehouses. 

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