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The Shore Hunter

Shore Hunter Up and Over Ray Rig. (Big Bait Clip) ** 5 RIG PACK **

Shore Hunter Up and Over Ray Rig. (Big Bait Clip) ** 5 RIG PACK **

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Shore Hunter Up and Over Ray Rig. (Big Bait Clip) ** 5 RIG PACK **

The Running Up and Over Rig is used to target larger fish, such as Ray, Cod and Smooth hounds. One of the main advantages of this Up and Over Rig, is it allows you to have a longer snood length that is still streamlined for a distance cast. Unlike the fixed Up and Over Rig, the Running allows a fish to run with the bait. Also you can easily add a new hook length if you need to change hooks.

The Running Up and Over Rig allows you to fish a bait hard on the sea bed and because the fish has a long length of leader to tighten before it hits the resistance of the weight, it isn’t scared off and hooks up.

The lead weight is clipped onto a free running Big Bait Rig Clip. These are made in the UK and of the very highest quality.

The Running Up and Over Rig should be used when fishing at medium to long range with large baits over a clean sea bed.

The rig incorporates a long flowing hook snood placed behind a bait clip, ensuring your bait lands in perfect condition then moves naturally in the tide once when it gets to your chosen spot. The longer snood provides great bait presentation and provides minimal resistance to sensitive feeders such as Rays.

These rigs are perfect for the Mighty Bristol Channel.

All 5 rigs are packed into a single bag in order to reduce packaging waste. Once the rigs are all used the bag can then be recycled for holding other items.

All Shore Hunter rigs are to a very high standard, using only high-quality materials sourced from UK Warehouses. 

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