A Little Bit About Me.....

Hi 👋,

I'm Wayne.  A Level 2 Angling Trust Coach who is insured to provide you with a confident, knowledgeable and professional experience.

Growing up as a young angler both in coarse and sea fishing and with a passion for the sea, I later joined the Royal Navy and would often be found fishing in local ports during our tours around the globe.

As my own family grew, I transferred to the Army, where I could still serve in the Military, but also be based at home to watch my family grow up and introduce them to my love of fishing.  

I was introduced to Chesil, the Dorset Coast and the Bristol Channel in my first experiences of fishing and I have continued to add to the knowledge and experience that I have absorbed through the years in both Sea and Coarse Fishing.

In 2004, I began a career path of instructing and teaching various subjects both classroom-based and outdoor activities and sports.  In 2019, I joined the Angling Trust to become a Level 2 Angling Trust Lead Coach.  This means I am fully licensed and insured to take clients fishing in the UK and abroad.

As the world took a slight change in 2020, I decided to begin sharing my angling trips in videos on YouTube. Since then I have been involved in many fascinating experiences involving some amazing Anglers, YouTubers and TV personalities around the world.

Thank you for supporting me and watching my videos.

I appreciate every one of you 💙🎣